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  Gansu Hailin Zhongke Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (HL Bearings for short) has become a prestigious modern bearing manufacturing enterprise in bearing industry and markets through development around 50 years, which also has become a large enterprise on production and management of tapered roller bearings and national bearing export base with annual output of 55million sets, annual production and sales volume 600 million RMB and export volume 50 million U.S. dollars. Now the comprehensive index of HL Bearings has been ranked in the forefront of the industry, and listed in Top 500 of China Machinery Industry, Top 100 of Gansu Industry and Top 10 of Tianshui enterprises.“HL”brand products won China well-known trademark.
  HL Bearings' employees consist of management staff 98 persons, technical staff 118 persons,and support staff 351 persons.
  There are 8 persons with professional title of senior engineer, senior political engineer and senior marketing specialist, 98 persons with middle class professional title of registered security, engineers, accountants, economic manager, marketing operator, and 95 persons with primary title of assistant engineer, assistant economic manager and assistant accountants. In the technician team, there are 4 persons with professional title of senior technicians, 37 persons with professional title of technicians and 385 persons with professional title of senior workers. 1person of whom won the first prize at National bearing manufacturing skill competition, 12 persons were awarded the operation of technical experts, 1 person won the third prize at the first bearings inspection skill competition, 2 persons won the national labor model, 4 persons won labor model in Gansu Province and 16 persons won labor model in Tianshui City.
  HL Bearings have 5 professional committee members from national bearing industry, 1 visiting professor from Lanzhou University of Technology, 1leading scientists in Tianshui City.
  From view of knowledge structure, there are 4 postgraduates, 41 graduates, 275 undergraduates in HL Bearings. The average age of employees is 38 years old, which is one powerful team with innovation and research for development of new products and production of high-performance bearings.
  In the three core backbone teams of management, technology and skill, there are 167 senior and middle-level managers, plant-level experts and chief engineers and 317 chief manager, gold chief operator and chief operators.
  HL Bearings has always been promoted the talent team building as primary factor to advance enterprise technology innovation and enhance core-competitiveness. Under strategy of talent thriving enterprise, construction of talents quality, introduction, training, placement and service of creative talents, HL Bearings own one skilled, innovative and comprehensive talent team. 

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