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source:Hailin Zhongke

  According to the needs of company’s management and development, and for better developing talent resources, promoting scientific structure, rational distribution and excellent quality of the talents, also for accelerating growth of the talents and rational use of talents, the company always adheres to the business idea of Reliance, Pragmatism, Diligence, Innovation, Development, and Win-Win. “On the basis of institution building, starting with two brochures”, takes the way of “interior training---centered, training outside-assisted” in which the most significant is to strengthen the construction of three teams, improve the cultivating system, complete the training mechanism and reinforce training aging. All is to build a number of highly qualified management teams, high-level technology professionals’ team and high-skilled operation team, which can ensure supplying talented person for the development of our company.
  With the goal of cultivating and fostering the three talent teams of managerial personnel, technology professionals and high-skilled operation workers being optimized structure, rational distribution and excellent quality, the company plans to work hard for increasing the proportion of  professional title structure, academic credential structure, major structure and skilled personnel structure in 2020. In concrete terms, the senior technical staff will increase from 12.6% to 30%. College degree or above staff will add from 17.5% up to 25% including 100 bachelor degree or above, whose percentage boosts from 2.5% to 5%. Besides that, HL will recruit 50 undergraduates. About the future talent development, HL will strive to bring along undergraduates with the majors in mechanical engineering, electric automation, metal material science, mechatronics, accounting, marketing, computer and English, and that will guarantee the need of talents in products design, development, quality, material, market development, financial affairs, economic management, law and so on. Considering skilled talents structure, the number of senior technician plans to be five persons, technicians will be more than sixty, and senior workers would account for more than 40% of technician workers.
  It will become HL’s H & R management direction that retaining staff with sincere kindness, attracting staff with brilliant career, exercising staff with hard work and cultivating staff with effective learning. Only does the enterprise present a glorious development vision, only do the staffs show their talents on the equitable, reasonable and scientific mechanism platform, all the three teams would have strength and cohesion, would build the concept of Reliance, Pragmatism, Diligence,Innovation,Development,Win-Win,would guarantee“the first brand for China tapered roller bearing”and H&R goal of “All the desirable personnel allocation are no less than 90%. Turnover rate cannot be more than 5%”.

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