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Yearly Summary Meeting and Key Work Arrangement Meeting

  On the morning of February 6th, HL held the yearly cost summary meeting for 2023 and a key work arrangement meeting for comprehensively improving work efficiency in 2024. Bao Guangli, Yao Jinguo, Zheng Wenkui, Zhang Baoxin, Wang Jingjun, and relevant departments leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liu Xingmin.
  At the meeting, Liu Xingmin summarized the various cost management tasks in 2023 and formulated the cost management target plan in 2024.
  The Business Management Department analyzed the completion status of cost indicators for each department in 2023 and arranged the cost work for 2024 in conjunction with the comprehensive improvement of work efficiency governance activities.
  At the meeting, totally 12 departments were commended because of the good cost control in 2023.

  Bao Guangli fully recognized the efforts and achievements made by each branch and relevant functional departments in reducing costs and increasing efficiency over the past year. He pointed out that 2024 is the year for HL to comprehensively improve work efficiency and governance, as well as a key year for the implementation of lean management and information technology. It is also the first year for the upgrading and replacement of cost control methods. All departments should work together, cooperate with each other, to do a good job in various cost work of the enterprise, providing support for market competition. At last, he put forward seven suggestions and requirements for cost work in 2024 from a major perspective.

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